The name, Nippitaty, was chosen for a very specific reason.  Nippitaty is actually defined as a particularly good and strong liquor.  When it came to deciding the spirits we would begin with, there was no hesitation.  It was always gin. Like food, gin has an endless number of flavor combinations, giving us the flexibility to play and manipulate the botanicals; change subtle nuances in not only the taste but in the aroma; sweet vs. spicy, floral vs. earth…gin was fun. We chose a “New Wave Style” gin which allowed us to pull back the more traditional pungent juniper, and enhance other traditional botanicals, like citrus, cardamom, and cucumber.  Because of our dual batch method--where we combine two different gin recipes to create one smooth, sweet spirit--Nippitaty is not only appealing to the gin connoisseur but to the novice and skeptic, alike.  


Why is there a bug on our bottle?  

Our cicada has purpose, and its not just to denote our organic methods and earth-friendly practices. I remember many a hot, southern, summer evening on my back porch in the foothills of North Carolina listening to the songs of the cicadas around us. Every year they return I am instantly transported back to those summers of my childhood.  It’s that nostalgia that I want invoke in my brand.  A distinct, southern comfort, that creates new memories that I hope last a lifetime.